Sensors in piano performance: A research & development roadmap

In 2015–6, following a literature review and trends analysis, I drafted a roadmap for artistically relevant sensor technologies in the context of piano performance. Summarized under three design priorities below, it is now pursued at Tekhnee, an independent lab founded in 2017 partly for this purpose.

  1. Prioritize the provision of feedback over the collection of data.
  2. Eschew comprehensive motion tracking in favor of a minimal selection of specialized parameters of piano playing that are strongly correlated with overall performance.
  3. Aspire to systems that are kinesthetically unobtrusive, aesthetically transparent, and descriptive rather than evaluative of the pianist’s performance.

More specific announcements are forthcoming; patents are pending but portions of this work may be converted to open sources prior to release. Inquiries are welcome via

Originally posted: 29 Aug 2018
Last updated: 29 Aug 2018