Ongoing projects


Recording of Chopin’s complete Nocturnes (estimated completion: late 2019).


Research activities and publications roadmap currently include: First, an extensive inquiry at the intersection of tonal theory—including Schenker and various didactic thoroughbass traditions—and pedagogies of piano performance, a tangent of which is a relevant Schenkerian analysis workbook. Second, a monograph titled The Pleasures of Misunderstanding: Barthes, Schenker, Schumann, which brings Schenkerian theory and analysis into direct contact with postwar critical discourses of “textuality.” Reconstructing the workings of Schenkerian theory in terms of a comprehensively Lacanian semiotic, and subjecting attempted reconciliations with Formenlehre to post-structuralist critique, it interrogates the uses of “authenticity” in analytical reasoning from historicist, aesthetic, and pedagogic points of view. Third, research groundwork, building on historical and contemporary scholarship on keyboard fingerings, towards formal models of playability.